Michael Cannon


Joel Edwards

Brother Joel Edwards

Born: 1-3-1947

Raised:  Fort Sumner, NM

College:  B.S. and M.A. - NMSU, Las Cruces, NM

Salvation Story:  "I was led to Christ by my mother and my Sunday school teacher on EAster Sundy of 1956, in the Methodist church at Fort Sumner, NM.  I remember being baptised with water from the river Jordan.  I was baptisted (dunked) again into the First Baptist Church of Hatch, NM in 1975.  I would say that my main tstment has been the many students lives that I have influenced during the 32 1/2  years that I taught agriculture and FFA at high schools in NM.  I have always strived to be a good role model to my children and my students, which was evidenced by their many accomplishments.  FBC Lordsburg ordained meas a deacon in November of 2017.  I was have always tried to represent my church well and do my share of the workload.  I serve as chariman of the ushers and the building and grounds committies.  I was electedas a county Commissioner of Hidalgo County in 2018.

Favorite Song:  Echoes of the Trail by: Kip Calahan

Favorite Hymn:  I'll Fly Away

Books Currently reading:  Bible

Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, Horseshoes, Shooting, Taxidermy and raising German Shorthared Pointers.


Will Lackey

Brother Will Lackey

Born: 7-5-1941

Raised:  13 miles SW of Corona, NM

Salvation Story:  "I was saved around 1947 at FBC Corona, NM.  Some time later, I was baptized by my uncle Paul Lackey, since we had an older pastor who cold not go down the steps in the floor baptistry.    I remember the water was very cold.  There was an old wodden heater that had a pipe that went out the windo to carry out the smoke.  I always appreciated my uncle Paul for conducting the baptism.

Favorite Song:  

Favorite Hymn:  Higher Ground, The old Rugged Cross, and Amazing Grace.

Hobbies:  Playing guitar, Camping in our motorhome.  


Glyn Lindsay


Phil Pressler

  December 2022  
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